Equipment Finance

Equipment finance

UFME finances all types of mining equipment – Both Underground and Above Ground

The "Rent to Own" and "Rent to Buy" Specialists - NOW Offering "Cost Per Tonne" Structures

United Fleet Mining Equipment (UFME) provides industry leading financial solutions for equipment funding requirements for mining and mining related companies.

The range of acceptable equipment includes:

• All Underground Mining Equipment
• All Longwall and related supporting equipment
• All Above Ground Mining Equipment
• Ancillary Items
• Electrical Related Items
• Mine Supply Vehicles and Related Items

Our funding solutions include:

• Off Balance Sheet Finance (True Operating Leases)
• Long Term Low Cost Rental (1 - 7 years)
• Sale and Lease back
• Operating Leases
• Finance Leases
• Finance from $100,000 to $30 million plus
• Structured Finance from $30 million and beyond

Client Benefits

UFME has tailored our equipment solutions to meet the requirements of Fleet / Mine Managers. Our key client benefits include:

• Competitive Long Term Rental Rates (up to 50% cheaper)
• We will finance 100% of invoice value
• We will finance all Underground based equipment
• Experienced in all Underground asset classes
• Experienced in all Above Ground asset classes
• Tied to Contract Lending – Contractor Benefits
• Industry and market competitive interest rates